Ritchie Palczewski

Musician, guitarist, composer. Teacher of philosophy and guitar. Antique culture and martial art enthusiast. Graduate of the Department of Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. 

Ritchie took his first steps in music in his home city of Chrzanow, playing in the band HusH. After moving to Warsaw in 2005, he formed Delhy Seed. The band combined the vintage character of the 60s with elements of theatre. In the years 2012-2015, Ritchie played with Ania Rusowicz. Currently he is composing and recording solo pieces. His music is inspired by the esthetics of the elements, the Dionysian-Apollonian double nature of forces, the fusion of the sublime and beautiful, shamanism, mysticism, insight into what is primal, wild and untamed in human nature. Bizarre soundscapes are songs which are a kind of free flowing stream, often complemented by words and video.   
Ritchie is an extravert loner who, far from the city’s bustle and going against Socrates, makes his way into the forest to learn from the trees. The journey goes on…